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Memory Techniques

This an excerpt from chapter 10 of the book.  If you would like to learn the next 15 tips that you can use for memory techniques, and to learn the Lord’s word easier, click here now! 


10 of the 25 Tips and Techniques to connect to key Bible verses

We all learn in different ways.   Some respond to more visual expressions.   Others learn by anchoring facts to numbers, phrases, or objects.   Some have a photographic memory (don’t we wish).   There are many ways which work.   With today’s technology, there are some tips and tools which make it even easier and more effective regardless of how easy (or hard) it is to remember key verses.   These 25 Tips and Techniques (both high-tech and low-tech) may be useful in leveraging technology to help in expanding your memory of favorite Bible Verses.   Many techniques are listed for Apple devices or Windows device users but apply to Google, Android, etc. devices and tools as well.

  1. Picture perfect:  Use your smart phone to photograph verses on bookmarks, Facebook posts, Pinterest photos with verses, magazines or printed Bible resources.   On your Camera Roll, create an Album called ‘Verses’ or ‘Bible Verses’ or ‘TTFGW’ (short for Take Time For God’s Word, is what I called it) and link these photos of verses to that Album.   Edit them to be just that verse… brighten them… etc.  Then look through that Album to see how many you know (by heart).   Keep reviewing it and adding even more!
  2. Alarming news:  Set an Alarm to the time (i.e. verse) that you want to remember and have it ring at that time.  It will cause you to check the time and focus on that verse (until you have it in your mind).   Name the Alarm (if it allows) to the Verse (e.g. 12:12 Romans).   Set several alarms throughout your day.  Once you have those verses now remembered, set other alarms.
  3. Remind me (again):   Set Reminders to the time (verse).   These can be set to repeat (daily, weekly, etc.).   You can type (or cut/ paste) the verse into the text of the reminder so that it displays when the Reminder comes due.  (You may even want to set different ‘ring tones’ for Alarms, Reminders, etc.).
  4. Task Lists:    Set Tasks (same type of setup as Reminders) but this may be for ‘new verses’ or longer passages.    Tasks for each day/ week will help to make this a long-term habit and one which you will use often.
  5. Ready – Action:  Set Action Items (same type of setup as Reminders) but this may be for your favorite verses OR those that you need to work on in daily living (e.g. Deuteronomy 15:10 “Give generously to the poor, not grudgingly…” (NLT))  Use this option for those that are most important to you or of most immediate value to you.
  6. Make a Note:  Create Notes that list favorite verses or verses from a Theme (e.g. Hope, Forgiveness, Praise, etc.).    Just list the reference number (e.g. 5:16   1 Thessalonians) or add a few words to start the verse (e.g. “Rejoice Always”…. Yes, that is the whole verse).   You can create several lists of Notes with the first line becoming the Title for that Note (e.g. ‘Verses’ or ‘Special Verses’) and then add all that you want.  (This is a great tool for capturing and reviewing verses).
  7. Meet Me:   Create a Calendar event.   Like the Reminders, Tasks, or Actions, you can actually schedule a Calendar meeting, event, etc. on a specific Date/ Time.   This will show up in your Calendar and will notify you when it is about to happen.   You can set every morning at 7:07 (Matthew) to be, Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you.” (NIV)   You can have this repeat every day.  What a GREAT way to start the day!   Then add others throughout the day at various times.   Set the chime/ sound to be something different so that you know what it represents.   Maybe even download a ring-tone of a favorite Christian song as a further reminder.   I know this will fill up your calendar BUT it’s because we are all so busy that we need to have some focused time and attention on meeting up with God throughout the day.   It is the MOST important meeting you will have each day, I am sure!
  8. Playing Favorites:  Set your links as Favorites.  In your browser, find your best verses (hopefully on Take Time For God’s Word website) and make them Favorites.   Do this for other sites (e.g. or so that you can get to your saved verses quickly and so that you have a LONG list of favorites to choose from every time you go to Favorites.
  9. The Apps have it:   Download Bible apps.   There are many good Bible apps for the mobile devices (i.e. phones, iPods, tablets, laptops, etc.) so that you have the whole Bible with you at all times…maybe even multiple translations.   You can create your own list of verses within those apps to come back to and to review from time-to-time.   There are other great Bible reading and Bible Study options to use as well.    Again, the Take Time For God’s Word process (and or on Facebook) are to be only one part of your Spiritual growth.   We all need to spend time daily in reading and studying God’s Word (and finding new favorite verses which speak to your heart and your needs).
  10. Christian site-ing:   Sign up for other Christian Web sites and their ‘verse-of-the-day’ or Bible devotions.   I know that we all feel that we get too much (junk) email BUT these are really important.   Just a quick glance at the verse(s) which they are sharing will be a trigger to you to read that verse OR to “Take Time…” for other verses when you see the email(s).   At least you will have material worth reading in your email folder… that will be worthwhile all by itself.