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About The Author


David A. Pedersen is a Christian author and speaker who is passionate about helping mature Christians grow deeper in their faith by knowing God’s Word more personally.  He has always been interested in writing and earned degrees (BS/ MS) in Journalism / Advertising from Iowa State University and Journalism/ Public Relations from Northern Illinois University.  Another great interest became his 40+ year career in technology and computers as he worked for some of the largest health insurance and software and consulting firms during his executive leadership years in that field.  He has accumulated (endured) more than 3.2 million air miles and more than 2500 nights of hotel stays as he spent time at his clients during his long career as a consultant.  

David has had a variety of roles in youth ministry, Bible Camp ministries, Sunday School teaching, Bible Study leader, and more.  It was through these wide-ranging activities working with a variety of age groups that he developed a love of key Bible verses across several translations.  He is continually finding ‘new’ verses that now have greater meaning at this stage of his life.  It is those ‘aha’ moments which compel him to continue to write and to share these findings with his publishing and social networks.  

When he has available time, David and his wife, Jan, enjoy travels and cruises to various parts of the world.  Some of those settings have added to his inspiration and have given him time to reflect on new themes and verses. He splits his time between Florida and Chicago.  When not traveling, he enjoys spending time with his adult children and two granddaughters in the Chicago area.  As a native of Iowa, he still visits family and friends in his home state and enjoys nurturing his Norwegian heritage with favorite recipes (but NOT lutefisk).  

His simple process and compelling stories help you to relate to Bible verses in ways that become unforgettable.   Find out about the latest activities at or track daily postings on Facebook at  David can also be reached through Prescott and Radcliffe Press, P.O. Box 191, Bloomingdale, IL 60108.

Stay blessed and pass it on!